Watercolor Brushes for Krita 4.0 and Up

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Watercolor brushpack v. 2.2 - contains 16 brushes.

Important: from version 2.2 default blending mode is "Geometric Mean", it gives more watercolor-like mixing effect - if you want opaque colors you can use "Normal" mode.

Watercolor Brushes for Krita 5.0 and Up

Use them if you are up to date with newest Krita version (5.x).
Watercolor brushpack v. 2.3 for Krita 5.0 - contains 17 brushes, there is additional smudgy brush taking gradient as source color.
Blending mode for these brushes is "Parallel" as this super mode is back again in Krita!!!

There is also Watercolor paper template with possible regulation of grain and paper texture (by Opacity), Satine effect on group of layers, giving additional watercolor border line look, and effect of sepia watercolor toning. Just paint on Paint Layer, and add next one inside folder with FX. You can resize page as you want. Also if you have slower computer you can switch off Fx for time of paintng.

How to use grain and watercolor paper textures:
Unzip file with Watercolor Paper mount textures in proper layers.

1. Inside "Paper Fill" layer Properties you should load "DA_Pastel_Honeycomb midgrain.png" (this texture is made by Ramon Miranda and was part of his Digital Atelier brushes pack)

2. Inside "Grain" layer Properties load "WatercolorGrain.png"

To make this click wit RMB on layer >Properties -> click icon of folder -> load texture -> find proper texture on the list and click it again

Have a nice painting!

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Watercolor Brushes for Krita 4.0 and Up

315 ratings
I want this!